The Summer Is Over, Now It’s Time To Get A Jumpstart On Your Job Search

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By Jack Kelly
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It’s hard to wrap your mind around it, but summer is practically over. Yes, I know; technically, it ends September 22. However, most normal, non-nit-picky people view the end of Labor Day weekend as the real end of summertime.

Adults start feeling the same twinge of pain as third graders reluctantly trudging back to school. Kids don’t realize how easy they have it. What a shock it’ll be to them when they wake up one day as a grown-up and realize they have two weeks of vacation instead of two months. Imagine the horror when they find out that there are no nap times, milk and cookie breaks and allowance of occasional temper tantrums when they’re feeling a little cranky.

While they have mom or dad to chauffeur them to school, we are forced to return to tedious jobs and suffer long commutes on overcrowded trains or congested hazardous highways. Since we are sort-of smarter than third graders, we possess the unfortunate knowledge that the weather will start getting colder, the days shorter and nights longer.

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