How To Keep Your Job Search Confidential From Your Current Employer — Four Telltale Signs To Avoid

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by Caroline Ceniza-Levine
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What lengths would you go to keep your job search confidential from your current employer? This aspiring career changer is starting a second LinkedIn profile so his current industry connections will not see his job search activity:

I opened a separate LinkedIn and will be closing this one. I’ve used this one extensively for my current position and have done very little networking toward the career I truly want. I work for a great organization and great leaders. All of them are connected with me here. I don’t want them to find out that I am looking elsewhere. What do you think? – O.R.

I don’t think you should start a whole new profile. I would make sure that your privacy settings are set for not sharing your activity with your network, so that when you update your profile or connect to people, your current colleagues and boss don’t get notified about each change. Sure, there’s a possibility that someone in your office notices that you’re connecting to people in a completely different industry and concludes you’re in job search mode. But most people are too busy thinking of themselves to notice. On the other hand, if you start a whole new profile, you lose all the connections you have already made, which is more valuable than the small risk your old profile somehow outs your search.

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